About Me

Hello lovely reader! My name is Maddie 🙂

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I am a 17-year-old High School Student who loves fitness and health. I love running, rock climbing, yoga, hiking… pretty much anything that gets the blood pumping!

Now, a little about me and my life:

I dream of one day being a Photo-Journalist or perhaps a Nutritionist, I am not quite certain on my path yet and who knows how long it will take me to find my yellow brick road. In the mean time, I have this *opens arms to show view of blog*. This blog is how I will spend my time sorting out the ups and downs of the dirt road leading up my gold paved path. This blog is intended to keep me on track with my fitness journey while juggling being a student.

I have two loving parents, a younger brother, and a wonderful German Sheppard named Kona. I live near Boston, MA in a small town named Melrose, but I originally come from Portland, OR where the rest of family still resides. When I was 8, my family upped and moved to small town named Weisendorf just outside of Nuremberg Germany. We moved there for my dads job, (he is a designer, not in the military as I am sure most of you are wondering) and lived there for 4 crazy years. Once deciding to leave Germany, my parents wanted to make it back state-side, it apparently seemed their foreign adventure was over and they were missing the good old stars and stripes. We then moved to a small town just north of Boston, called Melrose, and it is where I am currently residing today. Though I do love living in the US, I surely do miss Europe. Boston is gorgeous but my goal in life is to eventually make it back home to Portland where my insane adventure began.

My hobbies include crocheting, beading, hiking, running, rock climbing (very new at it though), writing, poetry, reading, and baking. I love to make things, and I love working with my hands. I love accomplishing things, and that is what I view most of my hobbies as and that is why I like them. They are all accomplishments and most of them include creating something new, whether it is creating a new poem, a new necklace, or a delicious muffin I am bringing something new to the world.

I love being active and I love summer because it allows you to be so much more active than the colder months. Being outside and running around the woods, or dancing in your backyard is what life is all about!

So that’s me in small little nutshell. If I gave everything away then what else would there be to blog about?!

So once again, Hi I’m Maddie, and Welcome to my blog 😀


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