How to plant Succulents in a container!

Today I decided to plant some succulents that I have had for a while. I just recently got the dish to plant them in since I decided to make them a table topper. I bought the succulents at Mahoneys a couple of weeks back and have been so excited to plant them!

Succulents have been all the rage lately, you see them just shy of everywhere. So why not bring them to your own home?

How to plant Succulents in a container:

First things first you should collect what you’ll need.



What you’ll need:

-A container ( I used a glass dish I found a Michaels, you can use just about any dish you have though as long as it’s deep enough)
-Newspaper, to lay down on the surface you are planting on to prevent a mess if you are planting indoors
-A 2lb bag of decorative pebbles (also found at Michaels, but you can use any small-ish rocks you have access too)
-Succulents of your choosing
-Succulent and Cactus well draining soil

First of all remove any stickers or price tags from your container. Make sure the container is dry and lay out your newspaper on your surface.


After you have everything laid out, grab your stones. Open up the bag and grab out a handful. Spread out the pebbles at the bottom of your container in an even layer. This helps with drainage while watering your succulents. Succulents DO NOT like wet roots, drainage is key!


Once you have a nice layer of pebbles, open up your succulents soil. add some soil to the container while still leaving room for adding the succulents to the container. It should look about half full.


Now it’s time to actually plant your succulent plants. This part gets a little messy ( I actually cheated a bit and moved the whole activity outside from here), I would advise taking the plants out of their store-bought containers outside or over a trash can. The newspaper will catch the dirt if it falls, but that will make clean up twice as hard and twice as long. When taking the plants out of their plastic containers they should slide out quite easily. Once out of the containers shake off any excess dirt from the roots. Make a small hole in the soil in your container where you would like the particular succulent to go. Place the succulent in the soil, then gently fill in the space around the base of the plant with extra soil.


Repeat this step until you have planted all of the succulents that you want to go in this container.



After you have all of your plants planted you can fill in the remaining space with the left over pebbles from your 2lb bag before. This step is optional. You may not have any room left, or you may like the way the soil looks. You can also find other things to fill in the space with, for example moss (which is sold at crafts and gardening store), or other accessories you may have. I already had my left over pebbles and enjoyed the way looked so made the choice to fill in the remaining open soil with them.



Once you have finished all of your planting and decorating, water your new container to help the roots set in to their new home. Be careful not to water too much, however. For learning how to take care of succulent plants indoors, check out Houseplants or do a quick Google search.

There, voila! You now have an indoor succulent container! Succulents are some of my favorite plants. These and Cacti are just so darn cute, I can never pass them up when I am out plant shopping. I have of recently discovered that I have quite the obsession with desert plants.


I hope your containers turn out as wonderful as mine!
-Protein Smiles 😀

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