A 5 mile smile!

Today started off better though I am suffering even more from my allergies. I actually woke up on time (some-what) this morning. I still wish that it was a long weekend but summer is so close I can survive.

Breakfast: The usual, I had my Breakfast Essentials breakfast shake and my coffee-on-the-go.

Lunch: For lunch I decided to take the healthier choice and switch it up. I had a garden salad with Italian dressing and an apple. I was feeling adventurous. 🙂

When I got home from school I had so much to do that I felt so overwhelmed I just kind of sat down and wished for it all to go away. I had talked to my friend Caitlin earlier about going on a run. Caitlin does Track and Cross-Country and absolutely loves to run. She texted me around 4:30 following up on our conversation before. I am so glad she did, even though I wasn’t feeling motivated I had to do something and sticking to my running resolution was just the thing. Together we ran/walked a route of 5 miles! That’s much longer than I usually run and much farther as well. I had a smile on the hole time, so I stopped to take a selfie (oops)!

photo 1 (1)


During my run I hit my 10,000 steps daily goal which my trusty Fitbit notified me of! I also Hit my distance goal  of 5 miles and passed it! I passed my steps goal too and at this very moment am only 345 steps away from 20,000! I am so close! I just want to earn that badge! That would be a major accomplishment for me haha! 😀

My run did not start off as good as it ended though. My shoes that I usually wear and love so much are starting to break down. I am running them into the ground, no pun intended (yes it was). Unfortunately they are starting to give me blisters on the back of m heels because I have completely ruined the heel on my left shoe. So after setting out and getting down my street I had to turn back and go get my old running shoes.

photo 2 (1)

Yup, neon pink with bright blue laces and matching blue bottom. And let me tell you, they are bright! They are Reebok Zigtechs and I haven’t worn them in ages.

My outfit today was quite loud while running. Not only did I have my neon beacons on my feet but I was also kitted fully in Reebok (as I tend to be.. Thanks Dad!). I had on my brand new Reebok Crossfit leggings, which made an amazing birthday present! As you can see from the picture they are seriously fun! And to top it all off I was wearing a stark white Reebok running hoodie. I felt like a professional, but also a dork. You could see me from miles away (which I guess is good because of my tendency to jump out in front of cars… more on that later).

Dinner: For dinner I had French Onion soup (delicious) with tomato and artichoke flat bread pizza (also absolutely delicious), and take a wild guess, MORE SALAD! I have been chowing on the salad lately. Tonight was a Cesar salad.

I know I am going to be sore tomorrow…. Bring it on world!

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