Is it summer yet?

So no doubt I am still trying to recover from my long weekend Cape Cod vacation. All day I was still in the “I don’t have to do anything but lay in the sun” mind set… which made school especially difficult.

Breakfast: I was running late this morning because for some reason I thought I would be able to stay up until 12:10 and then be able to wake up on time today… nope. That is not what happened. I over slept my alarm, and didn’t actually get out of bed until 10 minutes before I had to leave. Go me. Due to this, I only had half a piece of toast and my coffee-on-the-go this morning. Terrible. (At least I had my coffee, despite not eating I am still a raging caffeine addict!)

Lunch: For lunch I had my usual, a chicken sandwich from the caf and an apple. We all hear jokes about awful school food that crawls off the plate and growls at you before you eat it…. well… That’s not too far off from reality. The food is actually pretty bad. I need to start taking my lunch more. It would help so much with my health… and I think my sanity :p

Afternoon Snack: I am always running on empty once I get home from school, there is just something about classrooms that sucks all of the juices out of you. I decided to have peanut noodle by A Taste Of Thai. I am usually not a big fan of peanut sauce but I LOVED this one. And reading the nutrition facts (like I always do) I was surprised to find out that the sodium content was pretty low for a ready-to-make Asian meal. Score!!! 🙂



I took my snack on the go with me since I had planned on going to Michael’s (my safe haven) to pick up some more crafting materials! I really want to work there and I am applying soon. I hope I get the job, not only would I get to be around crafting ideas all day, but can you imagine getting DISCOUNTS on it?!

I then had my guitar lesson like every week 🙂


Dinner: For dinner my mom made Chilli-Mac! Delish! And I had some corn and my sesame garlic salad left-over from last night, yumm!


Then my arm exercise for the day. I love finding videos online when I am at home. I have found some kick-butt videos from XHIT Daily and Popsugar Fitness, I am always on their channels looking for new at home workouts when I can’t make it to the gym (eh-hem…. all the time). Currently I am using 5lb dumbbells until I build more muscle but I am hoping soon to move up to 8lbs. I really want killer arms!

Oh! And of course after working my arms I had my protein shake, which made me smile 😉

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